Doha, 19 May 2014

My dear friend Rico,

I got your e-mail yesterday about your plan to visit Doha. Thank you. I’ll be glad if you visit me. Luckily, I’ll be free when you arrive, so I can pick you up at Hamad International Airport.  From the airport we can  have breakfast at Arabian Cuisine.

It’s winter now. The weather  is very cold so you must provide warm clothing.  Despite the weather, I promise we will go around Qatar, the Country of Heritage and Pearl of the Gulf.  In the afternoon, we can go around the Doha City where you will enjoy the progress of Doha. Here, there is a traditional market called Souq Waqif;  there are a wide variety of antiques, typical Middle Eastern souvenirs, traditional Arabic food at bargain prices of course, and also live music at the Gulf  every Thursday evening.

You can stay in my apartment while as long as you want.   I am afraid I cannot accompany you on workdays, though, because I must go to work.  But don’t worry; you will find it easy to go around the city by yourself.  You can take buses or taxis in front of the apartment. They will take you to any place you want to visit. You can go to bus stations,  City Center Mall or Courniche Area there.

As for money matters, just bring some US Dollar with you. You can change them into Qatary riyals at most  money changers in the city.

Well, my friend, see you later in Doha!  Here’s my phone number in case you need it: +974 679 685. You may want to send me your flight details.

Thank you very much. Have a nice flight!



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