Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Dear my best friend, Miftah, How’s life treating you my best friend? I hope you are in good condition today. By the way, wanna about your job? I got an information about you from Dodi that you want to visit me next week, don’t you? If you’ll visit me next week may be I can’t invite you to go around Indonesia because I’m in exam, you’d better visit me next month because I will be free in June, I can invite you to amazing places like beaches, mountains, see, and some places else. But I hope you come here with tick clothes because June is winter.You can come to Indonesia with your younger brother Syahril, long time no see him, maybe he has become bigger today, I really miss you all. Don’t worry about cost to visit me, you just come to Indonesia and buy tickets to go, because I myself who will pick you and your brother up, and you also can live in my home for several days.We can meet in the airport, you just tell me when you will take off and land, I will be there 10 minutes before your landing. And I really need your phone numbers to contact you. And you can contact me when you arrive at the airport. Hopely, you can visit me with your younger brother. Thank you so much for your attention, see you next June.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Best regards,



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