I’m fine and more fine to read your letter. I really wanna see you sooner. It’s not too difficult for being at my country. You are just able to take a short – time flight from Singapore. Then arriving at Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. Call me, if you have arrived there, so I’ll meet you with my pleasure.After that, we’re going to go to my apartment by a car. My suggestion please bring an umbrella and another thick clothes because right now, we’re having a rainy season, therefore the weather is little bit cool. About one day afterwards, we can doing travel together for visiting some spellbound places and not forget to taste a plenty of typical yummy Indonesian foods. That’s gonna be very interersting and full of fun, I guess strongly. Also, to get souvenirs a lot, prepare your money to exchange into rupiah. Don’t worry for the prices, I am gonna help you in looking for representative shopping stores. And remember this important note, provide more than one bag to repack your things and souvenirs I think you need it when coming back to your country. That’s enough, my friend. If you need further informations or the other ones I forget to tell you in this letter, you may phone me by dialing 0857 – 15 – 0336 – 15. Waiting you at our promising place on this Tuesday night.




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