Hi Noor!

I’m fine here,long time not see you. Nice to hear your planning for visiting my city in next holiday.

something I want to tell you that I’m on duty when you arrive to the airport. I’m sorry to let you alone in the airport but don’t worry I’ll pick you up at Balaraja bus station on time. To take the bus is not good idea because you will not feel comfortable. You should take a taxi and remember to agree on price first it shoud be about one hundred thousands Rupiah. The journey will take a half hour to Balaraja bus station.Call me when you get to the bus station.I think you had my phone number, right?

It is rainy here, make sure you bring sweaters and some medicine for your health. You don’t have to change your Ringgit too much because we can find money changer anywhere here.You are safe to go shopping in Jakarta, everything is cheap here.

Don’t forget to bring your camera! We have some interesting places to visit. we will make a tour around Jakarta and visiting beautiful beach in Tanjung Lesung.

That’s everything, I think, hopely you will enjoy your holiday and shopping here. See you at Balaraja station on Monday afternoon.

Your lovely friend


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