Welcome to Sançtuary Writing Gym and thank you for dropping by!

Sançtuary Writing Gym (SWG) is a virtual gym for you, young Indonesians who aspire to become writers or who wish to improve their English writing skill.

At SWG we provide room for writing exercises. The room allows you to practice writing one good sentence, and another, and yet another. We’ll  train together to vary your sentences and combine them so they become effective,  interesting, or both.

At SWG we also practice on paragraph writing. We begin with outlining. By outlining, we plan and organise ideas/thoughts; this is a very important yet often neglected stage. Only when we are happy with the outline do we begin writing a rough draft.  Then we edit and proof-read this draft as many times as we see fit.

The process goes on in a circular pattern until we produce a final draft. Along the way, we practice to put our vocabulary into use, develop our sentence sense, improve our paragraph power, and polish our writing skills.

At SWG we copy or construct model sentences. We learn to say things in other ways. We emulate from the masters as well as from each other. SWG is a place to flog the writers within and develop our writing muscles.

This gym was originally set up to assist my students studying at Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics (PMSBE) in BSD, my students at ELTI-UTS of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) also in BSD, and a group of teachers training English with me at Daar el Qolam in Balaraja (Banten).  Now SWG is extending as a training ground for yet more students studying with me.

This site will get updated frequently, so please come again soon.



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