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Hello, I’m looking for someone to practice Korean with. I can teach you indonesian. I live in Banten, Indonesia. My family is originally from Indonesia. I’m a middle child. I came from a family of four siblings including me. I have one older sister, one younger sister, and younger brother. They are still studying at junior high school and university. I am married with one son. I want to learn Korean because my husband has got a scholarship to study electronics in South Korea. We will move to South Korea next month.

I’m very excited, but I’m also nervous. I have never been to South Korea before. I will feel more confident when I can speak some Korean. I want to learn about the culture, too.

If you are interested in practicing Indonesian as you teach me Korean, please send me a message.



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Hi all!

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1. Four reasons why grammar police make bad writers, and

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Hi Noor!

I’m fine here,long time not see you. Nice to hear your planning for visiting my city in next holiday.

something I want to tell you that I’m on duty when you arrive to the airport. I’m sorry to let you alone in the airport but don’t worry I’ll pick you up at Balaraja bus station on time. To take the bus is not good idea because you will not feel comfortable. You should take a taxi and remember to agree on price first it shoud be about one hundred thousands Rupiah. The journey will take a half hour to Balaraja bus station.Call me when you get to the bus station.I think you had my phone number, right?

It is rainy here, make sure you bring sweaters and some medicine for your health. You don’t have to change your Ringgit too much because we can find money changer anywhere here.You are safe to go shopping in Jakarta, everything is cheap here.

Don’t forget to bring your camera! We have some interesting places to visit. we will make a tour around Jakarta and visiting beautiful beach in Tanjung Lesung.

That’s everything, I think, hopely you will enjoy your holiday and shopping here. See you at Balaraja station on Monday afternoon.

Your lovely friend



Dear Agha, I am so excited that you are planning to visit my country. I know you like travel when the weather is not too hot, so you should come in April and you’ll never experience hot weather. I just recommend you to bring some light clothes because the weather of Indonesia will be rather hot. Also you should probably change your money in your country, it’s more efficiency. I hope when you come, you stay with me but I can book a hotel as you want. As you know I always have a plan for myself, so I have made a plan for us. At the first we should go to Ciwidey in Bandung, it’s really nice place and it has an awesome scenary. After Ciwidey, we should go to Ciwok. Ciwok likes Tanah Abang is a market to buy some traditional clothes and things made in Bandung with low price. Besides, you can buy a lot of souvenirs from Bandung city. Please contact me via my phone number when you book your ticket, so I will come after you at airport.

With love.




I’m fine and more fine to read your letter. I really wanna see you sooner. It’s not too difficult for being at my country. You are just able to take a short – time flight from Singapore. Then arriving at Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. Call me, if you have arrived there, so I’ll meet you with my pleasure.After that, we’re going to go to my apartment by a car. My suggestion please bring an umbrella and another thick clothes because right now, we’re having a rainy season, therefore the weather is little bit cool. About one day afterwards, we can doing travel together for visiting some spellbound places and not forget to taste a plenty of typical yummy Indonesian foods. That’s gonna be very interersting and full of fun, I guess strongly. Also, to get souvenirs a lot, prepare your money to exchange into rupiah. Don’t worry for the prices, I am gonna help you in looking for representative shopping stores. And remember this important note, provide more than one bag to repack your things and souvenirs I think you need it when coming back to your country. That’s enough, my friend. If you need further informations or the other ones I forget to tell you in this letter, you may phone me by dialing 0857 – 15 – 0336 – 15. Waiting you at our promising place on this Tuesday night.





Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Dear my best friend, Miftah, How’s life treating you my best friend? I hope you are in good condition today. By the way, wanna about your job? I got an information about you from Dodi that you want to visit me next week, don’t you? If you’ll visit me next week may be I can’t invite you to go around Indonesia because I’m in exam, you’d better visit me next month because I will be free in June, I can invite you to amazing places like beaches, mountains, see, and some places else. But I hope you come here with tick clothes because June is winter.You can come to Indonesia with your younger brother Syahril, long time no see him, maybe he has become bigger today, I really miss you all. Don’t worry about cost to visit me, you just come to Indonesia and buy tickets to go, because I myself who will pick you and your brother up, and you also can live in my home for several days.We can meet in the airport, you just tell me when you will take off and land, I will be there 10 minutes before your landing. And I really need your phone numbers to contact you. And you can contact me when you arrive at the airport. Hopely, you can visit me with your younger brother. Thank you so much for your attention, see you next June.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Best regards,



Doha, 19 May 2014

My dear friend Rico,

I got your e-mail yesterday about your plan to visit Doha. Thank you. I’ll be glad if you visit me. Luckily, I’ll be free when you arrive, so I can pick you up at Hamad International Airport.  From the airport we can  have breakfast at Arabian Cuisine.

It’s winter now. The weather  is very cold so you must provide warm clothing.  Despite the weather, I promise we will go around Qatar, the Country of Heritage and Pearl of the Gulf.  In the afternoon, we can go around the Doha City where you will enjoy the progress of Doha. Here, there is a traditional market called Souq Waqif;  there are a wide variety of antiques, typical Middle Eastern souvenirs, traditional Arabic food at bargain prices of course, and also live music at the Gulf  every Thursday evening.

You can stay in my apartment while as long as you want.   I am afraid I cannot accompany you on workdays, though, because I must go to work.  But don’t worry; you will find it easy to go around the city by yourself.  You can take buses or taxis in front of the apartment. They will take you to any place you want to visit. You can go to bus stations,  City Center Mall or Courniche Area there.

As for money matters, just bring some US Dollar with you. You can change them into Qatary riyals at most  money changers in the city.

Well, my friend, see you later in Doha!  Here’s my phone number in case you need it: +974 679 685. You may want to send me your flight details.

Thank you very much. Have a nice flight!



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